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*   About this Site
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  About this Page
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  The mission
  Some history
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About this page  About this page
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Note: Portland (Pdx) NORML became Oregon NORML in the fall of 2001.  This website,, is preserved by Drug Policy Central for its historic, educational & informational value and is being maintained by volunteers for that purpose.  It is not officially sanctioned by nor the responsibility of NORML or any of its affiliates.  Any opinions, viewpoints, ideas and action items that may be perceived here are those of past contributors and/or the current Librarian/activsts.
This page is intended to tell About The Old pdxNORML Website; where it came from, who built it and why, and where it is going.

Here we discuss the Issue, Why one should get involved, a little about the Site, the now defunct pdxNORML and it's former members and the current keepers of the Site.

Many thanks to those who have helped in it's creation, development and preservation. Fighting the good fight - informing, educating and organizing others to the same.

Page down to see more history about this site.

Welcome to the ABOUT page.  

  About this page ...

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Why we fight . . .

You must look hard at the news, but you can see the war goes on. So, then, do we.
This site was and will continue to be about cannabis law reform. The mission, continues.


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Portland, Oregon

!The government's own statistics show Portland has at least 23,772 marijuana consumers.

!The same conservative figures show at least 29,930 marijuana consumers in Multnomah County.

!The 1995 NHSDA and Census Bureau numbers also reveal at least 150,040 marijuana consumers in Oregon.

Have you any idea of the taxes you're paying in the ongoing effort to build prisons for them all?
Follow those numbers. . . .

Your tax dollars at work

You can help end the war on drugs just by asking
every elected official and candidate for public office
for a straight answer to one simple question:

Exactly how many drug offenders
do you want to put in prison
to have the best results?

!The government's own statistics say that 71 percent of cannabis consumers and other illegal-drug users age 18 and older are gainfully employed, compared to just 63.3 percent of the general population age 16 and older.

!Are you starting to get the impression you haven't been told the whole story? How is prison going to make marijuana smokers as a whole into more productive citizens?

!According to the Partnership for a Drug-Free America, 60 percent of American parents have smoked marijuana at least once in their lives. According to NIDA, only 35 percent of the general population age 12 and older has smoked marijuana.

So . . .Question mark
How does imprisoning and fining marijuana offenders and trying to make them unemployed and homeless help to promote "family values"?

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sailboat . . . includes a strip of hemp canvas. "Canvas" comes from the Latin word "cannabis." All canvas was made of hemp (Cannabis sativa, L.) until the late 19th century. Every ship that sailed until the advent of the steam engine required tons of hemp fiber for its canvas sails, ropes, rigging and oakum, used to caulk seams. No other fiber could withstand seawater so well.

Hence to control the hemp market was to control the world's seaways. That is what the War of 1812 was all about. It went like this: Because hemp required so much labor at that time to turn into fiber, Russia, which had the cheapest labor force, eventually produced 80 percent of the Western world's hemp and 90 percent of Britain's. During the Napoleonic wars, Britain blockaded France, which in turn tried to neutralize Britain's fleet by blocking its access to Russian hemp. Napoleon and Czar Alexander agreed to do just that in their 1807 Treaty of Tilset.

Although Americans were at first neutral in the conflict, Britain began confiscating American ships and impressing American crews caught trading with the French or their allies. However, the English quietly offered immunity to the Americans if they agreed to bypass the French and bring back hemp from Russia for the British navy. John Quincy Adams, the American consul in St. Petersburg in 1809, wrote that "As many as 600 clipper ships, flying the American flag, in a two week period, were in Kronstadt," St. Petersburg's port. Napoleon, enraged when the Czar refused to stop trading hemp to the Americans for rum, sugar, tobacco and coffee, invaded Russia.

The rest of the story is told in Jack Herer's book, "The Emperor Wears No Clothes." Find out how to order it from our page of links.

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What you can do to help the cause:

-Write. Contact the media and legislative representatives and tell them how you feel about the war. Write, email, call and fax your concerns on a regular basis.

-Spread the word. Tell your friends and neighbors about the cause and get them involved. Speak before public interest and community groups. Form/join neighborhood and local organizations.

-Research. Look up information. Write stories and contribute. Update us with news/info and help keep this Library current and functional.

E-mail the Librarian with questions, comments ... or ideas! Please give us some feedback - stop by and sign the Guestbook.

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Since Marijuana Library first went online in 1995 as Portland NORML, this site has grown to become one of the largest drug-policy-reform resources on the Web, with over 50 megabytes of information in more than 800 files (not including more than 12 megabytes of graphics). Just one of this site's unique features is an immense archive of local, national and international news articles on cannabis and drug policy, spanning a period from about 1999 back to 1992 and even farther. Please take some time to check out the other extensive offerings in our various directories - big as this home page is, it hardly begins to describe the entire site. Whatever your opinions may currently be about cannabis and drug policy, you are guaranteed to find a lot of fascinating and authoritative information here.

Portland NORML's original webmaster was Phil Smith, a High Times Freedom Fighter (May 1997) and medical-marijuana patient whose psychiatrist recommends his use of cannabis for major depression and the debilitating side effects from 10 years of toxic FDA-approved chemotherapy. (This tends to discomfit those who would have you believe the "Reefer Madness" myth that cannabis use causes or exacerbates mental illness. As usual, the drug warriors' science is 180 degrees wrong, and of course quite harmful.) Convicted of trying to provide cannabis to other medical-marijuana patients below cost in 1997 in Portland, Smith ended up maintaining this site from exile in San Francisco, where he is not considered a criminal. He has since retired from web duties, but his legacy lives on. Thanks Phil!

QUICK OVERVIEW | has an estimated value of $ 9,198 USD and receives about 207 pageviews per day. The site has Google Pagerank of 4 and ranked # 1,996,750 in the World based on Alexa traffic ranking. This domain is currently hosted by Bell Canada with IP address of on the server that is located in Canada. Estimated Worth: $ 9,198 USD; Daily Pageviews: 207; Alexa Rank: # 1,996,750; Compete Rank: # N/A; Canada PageRank: 4 ... source -

Statistics Summary | There are 3,497,326 sites with a better three-month global Alexa traffic rank than, and it is located in the US. The site has been online for at least six years. Alexa Traffic Rank: 2,884,799 Global Rank; Reputation: 157 Sites Linking In ... source -

  Site Map 

Site Map and Index.  Providing whatever service we can for the Northwest Pacific and beyond.  Contact us for more information.

the Library index pages the Library. "What happened?" Archive of stuff built by Portland NORML volunteers and other remains of the old site. News and other items of historical interest. Unique articles about the movement in Oregon and the world at the time.

News and information News and info. "What's happening?" Informing and Educating yourself and then others about why we do this. See also ALERTS! and Events.

  - Need Help?

    > involving medical aspects of cannabis? Medical Cannabis Organizations and information Medical Cannabis Orgs & info; How to become a cannabis-legal patient, if possible, and other relevent resource info.

    > due to politics or the same, old, basic hassle?  Legal info Laws and legal resources org'd by State and Federal.

Action items and tools Action! "What you can do about it!" Ideas and Resources.

  - Outreach; "Want to help?" Tools for Communicating and Engaging. Places to leave your mark, ways to send your message. Letter writing tools.

  - your Legislation station Legislation and other long term change.   Key votes, Tips, Alerts and such.

  - ORGANIZATIONs and other Resources  ORGANIZATIONs and other Resources.  Such as ...

    The Monthly NORML Newsletter The Monthly NORML Newsletter. For printed news and such, for your Cannabis Law Reform Information and Outreach. This unit works in conjunction with others to provide a hardcopy medium of communication for the cause.

da Biz - Bizness Associations  Bizness Associations; cannabis friendly Sources for products; potential donors, sponsors and supporters of events or ideas; and, someday, cannabis friendly employment guide (at least tell you who/how to avoid!) This will include Bizness DisAssociation, where we boycott those who support the war or any of it's tentacles.

- Hemp for Victory  Hemp for Victory; Not only should we buy hemp and unilaterally support the biz, but work to get a seed planted in the US of A! > Action; Legis

* cannabis friendly media and communications  Media. It's up to us to get the word out. It's up to us to choose cannabis friendly media and communications.

* A&E. cannabis friendly Art, Music, Theatre, Literature and all the mediums.

The Librarians maintain this site as a matter of compassion, because ...

* Cannabis is Medicine.
- Grow guide index  Grow Tipz. Grow guide index.
- Frequently Asked Questions about medical cannabis  Medical FAQs.

... and for the sake of industry & environment ...

* Hemp Networking. Hemp Clubs of America - student based, political action. Hemp Car Clubs and Cookoffs. Hemp fashion shows and expositions. Combine education with bizness with voter registration and engagement!

... and because it's a matter of basic, equal rights!

* Need help? Legal info  Legal info and Liberty resources index. For simple possession or even small grows. Also hassles; ie- opening a hemp store, or patient and doctor rights, even crossing the border with literature!

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