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Let's get this straight.  Volunteers for this cause should expect to not get paid, but in fact pay their own way.  You will be hassled by authority (police), you will see the seamier side of politics.  The people you're trying to help will be uncooperative and some of your team-mates will upset you more than once.  And, if/when we win it is doubtful you'll get the credit you deserve.

So, what kind of freakin' idiots would do this kind of "job"?  The kind that really want to end cannabis prohibition, we figure.  We work to make this website their toolshed and empower them.

SEEKING  courageous, compassionate, determined, freedom-loving individuals for high-risk, NO pay (sometimes costly, even), no-respect positions within Organizations or to assist in independent Actions.

To Help End

REQUIREMENTS: Must be able to fog a mirror and have a willingness to function in a truly team environment while working for/with impossible people of all stripes and persuasions.

BENEFITS: Peace, health and prosperity for yourself, the world and other living things as you grow as an individual.

POSSIBLE BONUSes include: same as above for the children and their children’s children along-with / due-to the potential for a more responsible government and more respect & cooperation between neighbors & ‘hoods (!).

WARNING:  this activity may open your eyes to just how bad some things really are and mean adjustments to your personal reality.  This may cause you to be more responsible and think long term and is therefore NOT recommended for unsupervised children or those of an overly squeamish, naïve, bigoted or selfish nature.

PLEASE NOTE:  this activity may ALSO cause you to interface with your fellow & feline earthlings and thereby result in feelings of camaraderie, accomplishment, self-satisfaction and worthiness.  You may find yourself getting better at dealing with things in general and feeling more confident to handle different & unexpected situations.  Thus, you may further be looked upon by other members of your community as a leader, which will bring you more opportunities than you can manage and lead you to having to do some organizing yourself.  Be advised.

Viable Candidates INQUIRE WITHIN ...

We work for peace and freedom in Portland, Oregon, the northwest and beyond.  We plan to do this by ending the Cannabis Prohibition.  We plan to do that by educating the people with information on the benefits of ending as well as the costs of continuing the war.

And then do what we can with the awareness & energy raised as a result.

We work to further the NORML cause in Northwest America and beyond.  That is, we as adults, have the right to responsible cannabis cultivation and use.  This means we are dedicated to the end of cannabis prohibition.   Specifically - this means our objectives are the legalization of hemp, the acceptance of the medical use of cannabis and the basic American right to the intoxicants of the peoples choice - with the appropriate consideration for harm and abuse potential.

Which is why we want to end the war.

The war against SOME people for cannabis is far more harmful than cannabis will ever be, even in the worst-case, prohibitionist scenario.

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Links to Orgs & People in Action and related Items.   Visit the OpdxNwol links pages and Orgs section for more options in this area.

Americans for Safe Access Americans for Safe Access (ASA) .   Alerts and Action items concerning medical cannabis. ASA sponsors a variety of activities including citizen lobbying, community outreach, phone-in days, petition drives, public protest, media events and nonviolent direct action in order to raise awareness and demand political change. (ORG, Med Can, Natl {Calif})     Visit: www.safeaccessnow.org. They are part of ...

The Coalition for Medical Cannabis Coalition for Medical Cannabis.   A national effort to Stop The Federal Assault On Patients And Providers!  Help resist the aggressive federal campaign to prosecute medical marijuana offenders in defiance of State laws and efforts by local officials to support legal medicine for patients.  (ORG, Action/link)  Visit: www.MedicalMJ.org.  One of the more recent targets is ...

Ed Rosenthal gro information and action item Ed Rosenthal, noted marijuana author and activist.   Help Mr. Ed, who is supported by the very jurors who convicted him.   Jurors angered after discovering that information had been withheld from them.(ACTN, Grow Info)  For more details on this visit: www.green-aid.com/edrosenthal.htm.   Learn more thru ...

Drug Policy Alliance Drug Policy Alliance (DPA).   Alerts and Action Items.   DPA is the nation's leading organization working to end the war on drugs and promote new drug policies based on science, compassion, health and human rights. (ORG, rfm)   visit: www.drugpolicy.org

Drug Sense Drug Sense (DS). Alerts, Action items and lots of Tools and Links. DrugSense and its largest project MAPinc combine to inform the public of the existence of rational alternatives to the drug war, and to help organize citizens to bring about needed reforms.  (ORG, rfm)    visit: www.drugsense.org

Drug War Facts Drug War Facts.  Information and Links. A premier information source, offering up-to-date information with full citations to aid in further research.  (ORG, adv)   Individual sections as well as full edition available electronically at: www.drugwarfacts.org

The drug war lies on a foundation of myth.  Learn the truth.  Spread it about. 

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP).  Speaker resource, Information.   LEAP is made up of current and former members of law enforcement who support drug regulation rather than prohibition. (ORG, rfm)   visit: www.leap.cc

Media Awareness Project Media Awareness Project (MAPinc).  News, Alerts, Action items and Tools, many Links. A place for resources or to help out - Newshawks, Editors, Websters, etc. WANTED! (ORG, adv)   Check it out at: www.mapinc.org

Marijuana Policy Project Marijuana Policy Project (MPP).  News, Alerts, Action items and Tools, many Links. MPP lobbys to minimize the harm associated with marijuana - - both the consumption of marijuana, and the laws that are intended to prohibit such use.   (ORG, rfm)   visit: www.mpp.org

NORML NORML the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. Cannabis wide News, Alerts, Action items and Tools, many Links. Check out the many issues, and resources, covered by the folks at NORML. (ORG, rfm)   visit: http://www.norml.org

Students for Sensible Drug Policy Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP).  Youth oriented News, Alerts, Action items and Tools, many Links. SSDP seeks to reduce the harms caused by drug abuse and drug policies in our classrooms and beyond.  (ORG, rfm)   visit: http://www.ssdp.org/

Teachers Against Prohibition Teachers Against Prohibition (TAP).  Drug policy News, Alerts, Action items, Tools and Links oriented towards Education professionals. TAP is current and former members of the education community who support drug regulation rather than prohibition.  (ORG, rfm)   visit: www.TeachersAgainstProhibition.org

Visit our Links Section for more.   Got a suggestion?   Email us your favorite link!

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NORML: Reefer Resolutions for 2005

As many NORML supporters may already know by now on the first day of 2005 Allen St. Pierre assumed the leadership position at NORML as executive director.   He wants to offer Thanks to all the many citizens, lawyers and especially activists who've provided him the education, spiritual support and trust to lead NORML after the retirement of his friend and mentor Keith Stroup.   Keith is still active and can be reached via email at: See > the story.

We want to briefly apprise you of FIVE important projects and new directions NORML is pursuing to advance and hopefully hasten cannabis law reform in the United States:

  • 1.)  NORML and the drug policy law reform movement is too white and male to succeed in substantial social and legal reforms;  NORML and the drug policy law reform movement must successfully reach out to women, African Americans and Latinos if we are to achieve genuine social change and law reform measures;

  • 2.)  NORML needs to better employ emerging technology communication innovations, principally through the internet, which will make it more private, secure, cheaper, easier and faster to increase the size and influence of the organization;
  • 3.)  NORML needs to increase the financial and in-kind support the organization receives from small businesses and like-minded business professionals;
  • 4.)  According to national polling data, 26% of the country knows who NORML is and the issue for which the organization serves as chief advocate.  For the successful passage of state and federal legislation ending cannabis prohibition, many more millions of Americans in the next few years must discover NORMLs important advocacy work.  For example, One way to 'spread the good word' about NORML (aside from you, the people) is through a series of small, but sustained regional advertising campaigns;
  • 5.)  Decriminalization and or legalization bills must be regularly introduced at both the federal and state level.  It appears unlikely that the courts or executive branches are going to end cannabis prohibition anytime soon, leaving the legislatures as cannabis law reformers' most obvious target.  However, these legislative efforts will fall upon deaf ears if cannabis consumers and concerned citizens are not part of an active and robust lobbying campaign.

In the 'chicken and egg' game that is often played out in Washington, DC, elected officials and their staff must first be convinced that their constituents support cannabis law reform measures before they?ll get behind most pro-reform legislation.  Often, in the twenty or so states that allow them, binding (and non-binding) state initiatives are a good way to demonstrate public sentiment.

While NORML simultaneously manages dozens of cannabis law reform projects on an annual basis, the five above listed projects are NORMLs top-tier for 2005.

-Fun and easy project for all cannabis consumers in 2005-

There is one more project that you and your like-minded friends and family can have a definitive role in making a success and that is by making plans to attend the 2005 NORML conference.  

Input from NORMLs supporters is crucial for the national office's staff, NORMLs 115 chapters, the 350 lawyers who comprise NORMLs National Legal Committee and officers to effectively represent the interests of cannabis consumers and the general public.   You're invited to communicate directly with NORML by emailing to: director@norml.org

Thank you for all the help and support which you generously provide NORML/NORML Foundation.  These organizations' important work, and cannabis law reform on the whole, is not possible without the care and charitable support of cannabis consumers and liberty-loving citizens like you.

Please make a 'reefer resolution' and start 2005 off with a donation to NORML/NORML Foundation;  visit: http://www.norml.org/index.cfm?Group_ID=6371

Better yet, next time you consider consuming some cannabis, consider taking a brief moment and let your elected policy makers know exactly how you feel about cannabis prohibition.  Go to: http://capwiz.com/norml2/dbq/officials/

How to effect change?
  • chg the people
  • chg the laws
  • register, vote ...
  • ... nag everybody else to.
  • to effect people, boycott
  • other action ... activism!

Want to help? Want to do something?

[ACTN] - Take action!

  • -to help us specifically … > WANTED: freakin’ idiots … < to Volunteer for > List <

  • -to help (yourself and) the cause in general …

[by yourself, at the least …]

  • -register & vote. > where, when, how <

  • -study the issues.

  • -get involved, encourage others! …

fam, friends, co-workers, boss, public speaking

TALK & [WRITE] inform & ed; write Letters to-

  • -media > TOOLs

  • -pols

IMPORTANT; send us copy and any (feedback> Voters Guide [!] < ! )

  • -Orgs > list <

[CONX] taking it to the streets …

making & entering CONTACTs (SignUp Sheet, Voter Reg, Pets, …) as you ED people with COMMs; Signs, Chat, Handouts

  • -encouraging others to

[register & VOTE] - by …

[ORGZ’g] - Organizing

  • -Do it yourself > the Jeff & Tracy story

  • (b)-form Study & Letter writing ‘groups’ (!)

  • -“tabling”; setting up booths at malls & events (campus!) to (a) and (b)

  • -forming Groups, sub-Groups & COALITIONs

see refs to -ORGS & other Activists >

  • -PET’g

  • (!)-[How to] Petition; gathering signatures.

  • -BOOTH’g & REG’g Voters

  • (a)-[How to] Registering Voters and ...

  • -helping (driving?) people to Vote.

  • -“broadcast” the Issues! Form Study groups (campus!)

  • -talk it up at home, work & play (!) > ORGZ’g

or, specifically Volunteer for an existing project …

[VOL!] - Volunteer

  • -N/L > contributors, sales, graphics & photo

  • -TECH > websters, DBAs, Hwre

  • -STAFF > ? …

  • -deliv

  • -transp

  • -art, music, etc.

  • -acct’g

  • -office

  • -constr

  • -+! What do you do? (work) what do you want to do? (hobby)

or start up a project of your own with our -or-

other support > existing Orgs can use people to …

all this and more > List <

  • -ORGS >

How can I help?
Members and others are needed to carry out these efforts:
  • Clerical work involving membership and mailing lists and the newsletter.

  • Speaking before public interest and community groups.
  • Postering and passing out flyers.
  • Staffing information tables at public events and concerts.
  • Letter-writing campaigns and phone trees.
  • Producing benefit concerts - including musicians, nightclub managers, owners, booking agents and technical workers.
  • Donating money, goods or services, e.g. photocopying, printing and design work.
  • Launching a particular project for which you need the help of other volunteers and/or Portland NORML's authorization to act in its name.

What you can also do to help the cause: 

- Write.  Contact the media and legislative representatives and tell them how you feel about the war.  Write, email, call and fax your concerns on a regular basis.

- Spread the word.  Tell your friends and neighbors about the cause and get them involved.  Speak before public interest and community groups.  Form/join neighborhood and local organizations.

- Research.  Look up information.  Write stories and contribute.  Update us with News/info and help keep this Library current and functional.

Some ideas !

* Water pistols and bong water - is considered by some to be sophmoric in its roots and really will do little to help.

* Just Think, 3/4 of a million people arrested for marijuana charges last year. If every one of those arrested demanded a trial for those charges, It would shut the courts down.

* With 10,000-12,000 USA marijuana arrests every week the media attention (positive OR negative) alone could bring the issue to a head with lightening speed.

* If hundreds of thousands of people were demanding jury trials, others would go out of their way to get arrested just to join in the fun and bring it all down faster-- especially if everyone filed a COUNTERSUIT in response to their arrest! Countersuits could be for constitutional issues, false arrest, improper procedures, overuse of force, infliction of pain, etc.

* This could actually be the largest non-violent civil disobedience action in the history of America. It could be a flashpoint.

* When you think about it, violent criminals demand jury trials much more often than non-violent drug prey, becasue the violent system supports the violent criminal and they get off easy, while thoughtful, peaceable smokers, tokers, artists, trippers, intellectuals and seekers are the bloody beef in the bull prison industry because they are the EASIEST PREY.

* They will mercilessly intimidate you to plea bargain, but get out the message: "When you are assaulted by the Armed Prohibitionist Forces for non-violent drug involvement-- DEMAND A JURY TRIAL!"

If you get busted demand a trial and Tell everyone to demand a trial.

Also, the broader DPR movement should co-ordinate and mobilize a clear and vocal physical presence at the most prominent drug trials of any given moment anywhere in the country -- it doesn't have to be large -- but it should be constant.

* In florida, Cannabis Action Network is now applying for grants with several foundations in order to be able to provide a toll free 24 hours legal referral and screening service. So that we can clog up the courts with pot cases and shut it down. I urge all other organizations to look at starting a similar service with a network of attorneys willing to take low cost or pro bono cases which have a good chance of being won on illegal search grounds, etc.


Meet With Your Representative!  If your Representative voted against medical marijuana last year, set up a meeting with his or her office.  Contact them in any case and Give them stories from patients to use as testimony.

BUT DON'T STOP THERE!  While this action item is focusing on the federal laws take this opportunity to express your opinion to public servants at all levels.  It is past time State, County and Municipal officials recognized and followed the will and law of the people on this issue and stop aiding and abetting this war on sick and dying Americans.

Join With Others and start a Letter to the Editor campaign as well.  Have an LTE Party of friends, family and other supporter where everybody sits down and writes a letter to their congress-person, or to the local newspaper.

THEY need to hear testimony form Patients.  Write it down where possible so they will be able to take it and show others.   Hand deliver it, email, fax.  Put your stories forth.

Spread the Word.  Recruit other Orgs and Biz. Survey and share the results.  To congress, to the editors of all the local media, to the organizations and businesses who support the war.  This is the time to speak out, for your selfs and your loved ones - for the now and the future.

Register, Vote and get Everyone You Know to Do So Also!  Check out the initiatives and campaigns available and affecting you in your area.  Publicize and support voter registration events and awareness-raising action items such as Petition signature gathering.

Thank you for your participation.  With your help we can put an end to the senseless raids of medical marijuana patients and providers, and assure that sick and dying patients have safe and legal access to their medicine.  ALSO, Check Out OMMA/2 and take Direct Action TODAY, TOMORROW and On Until Victory!

Things we can do:

*  Marches, Rallies, HempFests and other such Events for raising awareness and few $.   See Events for ideas.  Not only do we get our days in the sun but the sign making parties and other team activities are learning & growing opportunities as well.

*  Put together a Film Fest.  Get all the old favorites ("Reefer Madness", "Assassin of Youth") as well as the latest ("Grass", "Saving Grace", "Traffic").  Educate as well as entertain.

*  Hemp Fashion Show.  A very good way to demonstrate the value of hemp.   People are learning that hemp clothing is not only more durable and comfortable but as versatile as any other material.  Find a local retailer and establish a mutually beneficial relationship.

*  Hemp Pot Luck.  (pun intended)  Get together and have a hemp food cook off.  If we do it right, it could be a yearly event (like a chili feed) and draw media as well as be a tasty way to inform & educate.

*  Lobbying and other political action.  Letter writing and calling campaigns do have an effect, especially when legislators get them in batches.

WHAT SHOULD I DO for Medical Marijuana?

1. ORGANIZE YOUR COMMUNITY:  Call a meeting of all activists who are committed to human rights, health rights, civil liberties, and democracy to help join your community into the emergency response network.  Set up a phone tree and get going!

2. COMMIT YOUR NETWORK:  Print out the "Pledge of Resistance" at and build up your local network.

3. FLEX YOUR BRAINS:  Come up with creative, non-violent actions that will disrupt business-as-usual at your local DEA outpost and demand that they "evict the premises" for violating human rights' by expanding their war on medical marijuana patients.  A citizen's arrest?  A people's moving truck?  A banner hung for the world to see?  You decide!  We'll provide you with materials, media support, local contacts and all the assistance you need to pull off a great action.

4. CHOOSE YOUR TARGET:  Find your nearest DEA office.  A list of office locations is pasted at the end of this message.   Call to confirm.

5. GET YOUR MATERIALS:  Download the ASA Organizer's manuals from   Print out a "eviction" order to post at your local DEA outpost.

6. CONNECT YOUR ACTION:  Drop an e-mail to info@safeaccessnow.org that includes your name, the address of your local DEA outpost, your phone number, your e-mail address and a brief description of your action (blockade, banner hang, non-violent civil disobedience, rally, march etc.) so we can announce your action to other activists.  Next, join the emergency response listserve with a blank email to asa-subscribe@lists.riseup.net

7. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS:  If you need legal support (observers or permits or other questions) contact your local National Lawyers Guild at

8. MAKE YOUR MEDIA:  A sample press release will go out shortly.  If you need help reaching out to reporters, contact us at 510.486.8083 or info@safeaccessnow.org.  Also, be sure to contact your local Independent Media Center at for videographers and independent coverage.

9. MAKE YOUR MOVE: ALL ACTIONS SHOULD HAPPEN ON TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 18TH AT NOON.   If we coordinate ourselves well, we'll be able to pull off a nation-wide action to push back the DEA and demand safe access to medical marijuana.

10. KEEP IN TOUCH:  This is the fourth in a series of direct actions.  In addition to proactive national days of action, we ask folks to be prepared to do direct action in the case of more DEA raids on medical marijuana patients and providers.  Through the emergency response listserv, we will notify folks of DEA raids as soon as they happen.  To keep the pressure on, we need to respond to these raids FAST.  We encourage sustained resistance to these events as they unfold through creative non-violent tactics.  From phone calls to sit-ins to spontaneous street theater, we'll work to support your local actions with a national network of assistance and support.

Things you the individual can do:

- *  Join up & speak out.  Spread the word. 

- *  Write to & meet with media and legislators on your own.  One on one communications can be effective if done right.  The effort to educate this sector is neverending.

- *  Vote!

- *  Recruit others to all the above.

- *  Support your local chapter or affiliate.  Not only with membership (financial) but in their daily operations. (database, web page maint, answering phones & emails)

What can you do right now to support hemp?

Educate learn about the benefits of hemp and educate those around you, including your community and political leaders.   Purchase and read such informative guides as Chris Conrad book Hemp: Lifeline To The Future, HempTechs Industrial Hemp, The Emperor Wears No Clothes by Jack Herer and The Great Book Of Hemp by Rowan Robinson.  Donate copies to your local library and/or send copies to your elected officials along with a letter informing them of the many practical uses or hemp.  During hearings regarding industrial hemp legislation in Vermont, hemp proponents in the House of Representatives both cited and distributed copies of industrial hemp to members of the state legislature.  Many legislators were positively influenced by the booklet.

Teach farmers about the value of hemp: even though the sale of American hemp products are on the rise, federal prohibition of industrial hemp cultivation continues to effectively shut out the Americana farmer from this booming market.  Educate the farmer in your area of the value of hemp as a vital agricultural resource and make them aware of the need to end hemp prohibition.  In the wake of declining tobacco sales, many farmers are actively searching for an economically viable, low maintenance alternative crop.   Explain to them hemp is the answer.

Encourage farm organizations to endorse hemp cultivation:  the American farm industry is one of Americas most influential lobbies on both the national and state level.  For example, two chief backers of Colorado's hemp proposal were the Colorado Farm Bureau and Colorado State Grange.  Encourage local farm organizations in your state to become involved in the movement to end hemp prohibition and actively lobby for reform.  In addition, contact the American Farm Bureau (call 202-457-3600 or write to: 600 Maryland Ave. SW, #800, Washington, DC 20024) and tell them that you support endorsing domestic hemp production.  Request that they become more active and vocal in their support for industrial hemp on the federal level.

Target the media: people in general and the media specifically are receptive to hearing about new job and business opportunities that will also benefit the environment.  Encourage your local media to feature articles on industrial hemp by writing letters to the editor, op-eds, and/or sending corespondents weekly press releases (call for more details).  Recent articles in such publications as Wired, Vegetarian Times, New Age Journal, The Environmental Magazine and The Washington Post have provided needed publicity to the blossoming hemp movement and have heightened national awareness of hemp's industrial value.  Encourage additional media outlets to cover the latest hemp-related stories such as the recent planting that took place on American Indian soil so they can learn the truth about hemp.

Write your representatives: write a letter to your local representatives and members of congress informing them that, as a voter, the issue of industrial hemp is important to you.  Elaborate on the many uses of industrial hemp and explain why you support repealing its prohibition.  Be sure to stress hemp's ecological and economic benefits, including the creation of jobs.  (Its very difficult for a politician to argue against an issue that is good for both the environment and the economy.)  Request that they introduce legislation that would amend the federal and/or state law to allow research to take place on the viability of domestic hemp cultivation.

Join the nearest (or form your own!) cannabis law reform organization.  It is their mission objective to educate the public and national media and lobby for hemp reform.  Often comprised of a staff of dedicated volunteer individuals, they work to establish teams that will feature a variety of distinguished activists, scientists, researchers, and farmers, well as host legal committees that they hope will include many skilled attorneys statewide and nationally who will specialize in cannabis law.  They, through you, serve as a local voice with national connections to the millions of Americans who believe it is both counter-productive and unjust to deny individuals the right to cultivate hemp as an industrial source.

Many organizations are planning important steps to end Cannabis Prohibition and now is a good time to begin taking a more active role in the marijuana law reform efforts in your region and nationally.  For nominal membership dues you often receive monthly newsletters and other publications that will keep you apprised of the latest developments in the field and in capitol buildings, and alert you when a vote is scheduled and the need is crucial for a letter to your state or federal elected officials.  And you’ll be informed of national and regional activist meetings where you can meet other reform advocates and help shape reform efforts around the country.

Buy hemp products: support the growing hemp market by purchasing hemp goods and frequenting retail outlets that distribute hemp products.  As hemp becomes more common in the marketplace, it will become harder to stigmatize.  In 1990-1996, American sales of hemp products have grown from less than $1 million to an estimated $50 million.  Let your political leaders and manufactures know that the hemp market is a legitimate and growing industry and not just a passing fad.  Encourage local retail outlets to carry hemp-based products.  The most effective way for a community to learn and appreciate the value of hemp is to become familiarized with its various products and practical uses in daily life.  The retail community and the consumer can make this a reality.

Also, here's yet another idea for Cannabis Law Reform activists and other Friends of Freedom,

Check out the online petition "Stop Arresting Marijuana Users" hosted on the web by PetitionOnline.com, the free online petition service, at:


Sign up & speak out!

At the same time we would like to put out a call for information. All activists and organizations that want to be listed on our ORGs Links pages should send their contact info to the OpdxN Librarian at:


The info will be listed on the ORGs pages and will also be used to promote & help organize activism thru the web and other media including print (newsletters, etc).

Just send as much public contact info: who, where (location), when (if you hold regular meetings), what (you have a medical focus, hemp, or basic liberty. Initiatives or other action?), how to contact (phone, org email, URL) and we'll post it and update you with the responses.

Thanx and good luck to you! Once more into the breach, my friends …

    Perry, a NORML person,
    the Old pdxNORML
    Website & Online Library

- E-mail the Librarian with questions, comments ... or ideas!  Please give us some feedback - stop by and sign the Guestbook.

Also for Cannabis Law Reform activists and other Friends of Freedom,

Please read and sign the online petition "Stop Arresting Marijuana Users" hosted on the web by PetitionOnline.com, the free online petition service, at:


Check it out, sign up & speak out!

At the same time we would like to put out a call for information. All activists and organizations that want to be listed on our ORGs Links pages should send their contact info to the OpdxN Librarian at:


The info will be listed on the ORGs pages and will also be used to promote & help organize activism thru the web and other media including print (newsletters, etc).

Just send as much public contact info: who, where (location), when (if you hold regular meetings), what (you have a medical focus, hemp, or basic liberty. Initiatives or other action?), how to contact (phone, org email, URL) and we'll post it and update you with the responses.

Thanx and good luck to you! Once more into the breach, my friends …

    Perry a' NORML
    the Old pdxNORML
    Website & Online Library

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Consider these points, then talk 'em up and spread the word!
Portland, Oregon

!The 1995 NHSDA and Census Bureau numbers also reveal at least 150,040 marijuana consumers in Oregon.

Have you any idea of the taxes you're paying in the ongoing effort to build prisons for them all? 
Follow those numbers. . . . 

Your tax dollars at work
You can help end the war on drugs just by asking every elected official and candidate for public office for a straight answer to one simple question:   Exactly how many drug offenders do you want to put in prison to have the best results? 

Other Questions to your Senators and Representative.

from the MAP web page "17 Questions for our Political Leaders" at:   http://www.mapinc.org/17ques.htm

Please visit:   http://congress.nw.dc.us/psych/ and use this service to find your congress members and send the text below to your representative and Senators.   All you need is your zip code to and a couple of minutes to find your members on this page and send them this powerful collection of questions.


Important Questions for our Political Leaders.

In 1988 Kurt Schmoke, then and now the Mayor of Baltimore, astounded the country by calling for a debate on alternatives to the war on drugs, including legalization of currently illegal drugs.  Mayor Schmoke has posed three questions to his constituents; their answers don't express confidence in existing policy.

Schmoke's questions are: Do you think we've won the Drug War?  Do you think we're winning the Drug War?  If we keep doing what we're doing now, in 10 years, will we have won the Drug War?

In the same spirit, we invite legislators and policy makers to address the following questions regarding the "War on Drugs."

1.  We spend $50 billion per year trying to eradicate drugs from this country.   According to DEA estimates we capture less than 10 percent of all illicit drugs.  In this regard, I have a two part question  1) How much do you think it will cost to stop the other ninety percent?  2) Does $50 billion a year for a 90% failure rate seem like a good investment to you?

2.  White people buy most of the illegal drugs in this country.  Yet, seventy four percent of those receiving prison sentences for drug possession are African-American and other minorities.  Is race a factor in the enforcement of drug laws, and if not, how can we prove that to skeptics?

3.  Has the cost of the War on Drugs in terms of billions of dollars, blighted lives, jammed prisons, intensified racism, needless deaths, loss of freedom etc., produced any significant change in drug availability or perceived patterns of drug use?

4.  Someone once said "Prohibition goes beyond the bounds of reason in that it attempts to control a man's appetite by legislation and make crime out of things that are not crimes."  How do you respond to this statement?

5.  It is estimated that 77 million U.S. citizens have tried an illicit drug at least once.  How many of the 77 million drug users do you feel we must incarcerate in order to win the war on drugs?

6.  Why does the FDA stand up for the right of adults to smoke tobacco, which is highly addictive and causes over 400,000 deaths per year, while decreeing that adults have no right to smoke marijuana, which is non-addictive and kills no one?

7.  Drug use is an acknowledged fact of life in every prison in the country.  If we can't stop prisoner' use of drugs, how can we rationally expect to stop average free citizens from using them?

8.  Despite signatures from 85 prominent groups and individuals, why has the Hoover Resolution (a call for an independent panel to revue existing drug policies) not been considered, accepted, or initiated?

9.  What lessons from alcohol prohibition lead you to believe that the current drug war will end in victory?

10.  Fifty-two federal judges, the district attorney of San Francisco, The mayor of Baltimore, the vast majority of prison wardens, and numerous other respected officials consider the war on drugs an abject failure.  More than a few important Americans are opposed to the drug war.  Since no other US laws or policies are inspiring such resistance, shouldn't we be listening to the many voices which are saying that continuing the war on drugs may be a grave threat to the long-term health of this nation?

11.  At a time when working people are being asked to tighten our belts in order to help balance the budget, how do you justify increasing the funding to the drug law enforcement bureaucracy?  Explain why supporting a failed policy of drug law enforcement has a greater priority than student loans or drug education programs.

12.  What do you conclude from the experience of Holland--a country where drugs fall under the jurisdiction of health agencies, not law enforcement--which has seen a decline in chronic use of hard drugs and casual use of soft drugs since de-criminalization?

13.  If illegal drugs are so obviously harmful to people's health, why is it necessary to put so many American adults in prison to prevent them from using these drugs?

14.  In drug policy discussions we hear a lot about the "message" that certain policies may send to children.  What message is sent to inner city children who witness illegal drug sales on their way to school each day?

15.  The modern drug war began in the 1960s, and for thirty five years it has failed to reduce drug access to school-aged children.  Which is better for America during the next 35 years, prohibition with continued school-aged access to drugs OR reform policies that ease prohibition but reduce school-age access?

16.  Drug prohibition has been one of the biggest U.S. domestic policy failures of the late twentieth century.  Why is a perpetuation of this failure more desirable than serious consideration of alternative policy options?

17.  Why should 270 million citizens continue to pay $50 billion per year to try to change the habits of 20 million people, considering that this policy has not been able to change those habits in 82 years and at a total cost of nearly one trillion dollars?

Mark Greer
Executive Director

! The government's own statistics say that 71 percent of cannabis consumers and other illegal-drug users age 18 and older are gainfully employed, compared to just 63.3 percent of the general population age 16 and older.  Are you starting to get the impression you haven't been told the whole story?  How is prison going to make marijuana smokers as a whole into more productive citizens?

According to the Partnership for a Drug-Free America, 60 percent of American parents have smoked marijuana at least once in their lives.  According to NIDA, only 35 percent of the general population age 12 and older has smoked marijuana.  So Question mark how does imprisoning and fining marijuana offenders and trying to make them unemployed and homeless promote "family values"?

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