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Art Gallery Worldwide. Artwork in different styles and media.  Website offers a wide variety of features and services that enable customers and artists to buy and sell art.
Excerpts from Gregory A. Austin's Perspectives on the History of Psychoactive Substance Use.
Ann Arbor Hash Bash, the annual celebration of cannabis in Michigan. Held on the first weekend of April, it's the longest-running annual protest of its kind in the world, now more than 25 years old.
Cannabis Web Directory bills itself as the largest Marijuana and Hemp related WebRing on the Internet.
Church of the Universe considers cannabis a sacrament.
Controlled Drugs and Substance Act, Steve Chapman's site is dedicated to the history of the act from a pharmacological viewpoint. It includes the chemical structure of each scheduled drug - more than 300 substances..
CzarWatch, predicated on the notion that General Barry McCaffrey, the director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, is a dangerous man who bears watching - or a constant source of amusement, take your pick.
James Dawson's Freedom Page.
Waring R. Fincke, serious legal information at the home page of the Wisconsin attorney and board member of NORML. Includes the "If You're Busted" and "Know Your Rights" pages.
FindLaw, The most comprehensive law locator on the Net. Its Criminal Law section can be reached by clicking here.
Golden Troll Ventures' Hemp Information page
The Great Usenet Just-Say-No-To-Piss-Tests Project, a large listing of companies that require random drug testing, along with an alternate list of companies that have policies opposing such tests.
HabitSmart, featuring the Push Harm Reduction page, the first Harm Reduction information center on the web.
Happyhouse Church believes cannabis use is protected by the U.S. Constitution.
Hyperreal Drugs Archive.
Hyperreal's (Drug) Politics.
Hyperreal's miscellaneous marijuana files.
LawGuru.com, put together by California attorneys at Eslamboly & Barlavi over several months, this site allows you to use more than 160 legal search engines and tools from one location. This may be the ultimate free legal research meta index search tool on the net. These are not just links to the search tools but the actual search forms. You can search court opinions, codes, statutes, bills, articles, forms for most states and much much more from one location.
Fitz Hugh Ludlow Hypertext Library contains a number of hypertext documents about pre-1937 cannabis use in the English-speaking world, as well as other documents of a similar nature. Among the things you can find at this site are: Fitz Hugh Ludlow's "The Hasheesh Eater," Thomas DeQuincey's "Confessions of an English Opium-Eater," Bayard Taylor's "The Visions of Hasheesh," hashish-related excerpts from the "Arabian Nights" hashish-related writings by Charles Baudelaire, Aleister Crowley, Louisa May Alcott, John Greenleaf Whittier, etc.; newspaper articles about marijuana from The New York Times dating from 1929 to 1937; excerpts from medical texts, encyclopedias, etc. about hemp and cannabis preparations.
Marijuana Anonymous, for people who believe they abuse cannabis and need help stopping. Unfortunately, and in spite of all the evidence, the group persists in labeling cannabis as "addictive," a quality they project on the healing herb that enables their denial and results in increased harm to medical marijuana patients and drug war prisoners. It would better serve group members to focus on the concept of dependency, a subjective quality originating in themselves. What MA won't tell its members is that if they've discontinued cannabis use for more than a few weeks and are still suffering serious depression, anxiety, dysphoria, or other mental or physical deterioration as a result, they are among a small minority of cannabis users. A higher proportion of users becomes dependent on video poker, or television. The real problem for such people may be a serious, liefe-threatening mental or physical illness such as major depression, bipolar disorder, attention deficit disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, opiate or alcohol addiction, or any other number of other serious illnesses for which California physicians are currently writing recommendations for medical marijuana. Living in accordance with the mores of the majority is no substitute for seeing a good doctor, and such people would be well-advised to discuss their marijuana use with a physician or medically-credentialed psychiatrist before placing themselves in the hands of unlicensed, nonmedical counsel. Appropriate medical treatment for any condition improved by cannabis would presumably make quitting cannabis easier (though it may also entail taking drugs more dangerous and/or habit-forming). The vast majority of people who have used cannabis stop after one or a few experiences. The vast majority of the rest consume in moderation - and, even in the Netherlands, the vast majority of long-term cannabis consumers quit on their own by their late 30s. NORML has no quarrel with non-users, former users, or users who want to quit. NORML's struggle is against people who want to coerce others into quitting with prison sentences and other punitive sanctions. That's the difference between temperance and totalitarianism. But it's not always easy to tell which approach MA prefers.
Here's a gopher on the media, medical marijuana, Joycelyn Elders and much more.
Non-Testers List, (NTL), "a user's guide to companies that don't drug test."
Oregon Trial Lawyers Association.
Paranoia Drug Information Server, lots of fascinating information tucked away in these directories.
The Peace, Not Prisons Legalize It! End The Drug War Doom Theme, Neil Johnson's computer simulation game. Johnson writes that it is "based on a human cage (futuristic prison) for consensual drug users. This game is a must see for all researchers involved in behavioral/psychological aspects of illicit drug use. I owe 100 percent of the success of this computer game to this country's very unscientific and failed incarceration based drug policy. The game is free, the theme is prison, and it runs on almost all machines, DOS, Mac, & Unix. If you don't play computer games, that's OK, just load the game and a long demo will start automatically."
Portland Copwatch Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
Price Report Project, an Internet-based attempt to monitor the street prices of marijuana and other illicit drugs internationally. Includes estimates for Portland and Eugene.
Prison Industrial Complex, a guide through the maze, organized by Dave West.
Psychedelic Library
Rainbow Family of Living Light
Rogues Gallery, hypocritical politicians who escaped arrest for their own drug involvement, and now trumpet the need to punish others as they were not. While you're at it, check out the Unauthorized Randy Cunningham Page.
Snow Bud's Comics, a hefty collection of pot-related works by Portlander Chris Newman, a frequent contributor to High Times and the founder of the bands Napalm Beach and Snobud & the Flower People.
Tinaja's Rant.
TIXE (rhymes with "types") is dedicated to assisting in the defense of persons accused of drug crimes. They consult with defense counsel in jury selection and persuasion.
Traveling USA Hemp Museum of Richard M. Davis.
The University of Wisconsin provides lots of diverse information about marijuana and other drugs on not just one but two gophers with links to still more related files.
War on Drugs Clock, a counter, updated as you watch, showing the number of dollars spent, the number of drug arrests this year up to the minute, and the number of new prisoners based on government statistics. Sponsored By DrugSense, a.k.a. The Media Awareness Project (MAP).
We The Sheeple is a powerful site addressing prison, forfeiture and related issues, with a collection of cases that most will find chilling indeed.
Joe Wein's Hemp Pages, also a starting point for the Ganja Web Ring.
World Wide Weed
Yahooka, "the Guide to Marijuana on the Internet" - like Portland NORML's links section, only more so.
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