By David P Beiter

COPS & DRUGS, a can of worms.

I am collecting reports of the involvement of our police and other government
officials in the illegal drug trade.

This is not an exhaustive count.  This is just what I have heard from public
sources, and mostly in Kentucky.

Here in Kentucky, 9 Sheriffs, 5 deputy Sheriffs, 3 State Police, 10 local
police, and 8 judges or other assorted politicians have been arrested on drug
production, drug trafficking, or protection or extortion thereof charges.

Also there were three cases of Sheriffs, deputy Sheriffs, or city policemen
planting drugs, which were believed because the plantees were other cops.

This has opened quite a ripe can of worms.  It started as my curiosity as to
how the police could possibly be so inept at catching the local thieves.
Haven't you wondered too?  It has now reached out to reports of involvement by
all levels of governments in the $150 billion a year (tax-free!) dope business.

I would appreciate reports of other instances of cops and drugs.  Leave me a
message on this board, byter@mcimail.com, or contact David P Beiter, CAVE Inc,
Ritner, KY 42639.  This database involves the symbiotic relationship between
police/politicians/governments and the illegal drug trade.  You should include
a date and a reference for further verification.  If you don't have a
reference, then you are the reference.  Unsubstantiated rumors by confidential
informants will get you a search warrant, but not a place in my research.
"Search Warrant? We don't need no  search warrant. We got good faith."

82.  Thirteen people are arraigned for marijuana growing, including Donnie
Nunn, former Hart County KY Sheriff, nephew of Governor Louis B Nunn.  30,500
marijuana plants in six locations were confiscated.  At the time, this was the
biggest marijuana raid in Kentucky history, valued at over $12 million.

850912.  Andrew Thorton III, retired Lexington, Kentucky, Police Department
Narcotics Officer, crash landed via parachute in suburban Knoxville, TN, with
79 pounds of cocaine.  Several other duffle bags of cocaine were found in the
Chattahoochee National Forest, totalling approximately 400 pounds.

76- 86.  Federal Grand Jury indictments have been handed down for 10 Boston,
MA, police officers, including 2 current police chiefs & 1 former chief,
including Gerald W. Clemente, 52, retired Captain of Metropolitan District
Commission & Thomas Doherty, 45, former Medford Police Lieutenant, for police
exam theft & rigging of scores.  This was used to maneuver conspirators into
key positions to cover for crimes.  These include a $1.5 megabux bank robbery
at Medford, MA, & cocaine trafficking from Tennessee in 84.

860324.  The Kentucky State Police Commissioner, Captain Marion "Butch"
Campbell, is arrested for extorting a one million dollar bribe from a cocaine
smuggler who was also an FBI agent.  This was for airport landing rights in
Morgan Co, KY.  Several other officials were arrested for assorted corruption:
former Morgan County, Kentucky, Judge-Executive Gene Allen; Morgan County,
Kentucky, Sheriff Roger Benton; Kentucky State Police Trooper Gerald Griggs;
former Breathitt District Judge James Nobel; and former State Senator Lester
Burns, Jr.  This is "Operation Leviticus" of the FBI.  They weren't even
looking for drug smuggling!  The FBI thought they were looking at coal money!!

860330.  The Whitley County, Kentucky, Sheriff, one other KY & 3 TN Sheriffs
are arrested for drug trafficking.

860619.  Kentucky State Police Detective, 19 year veteran of The Force,
Joseph Greenwall (Greenwald), age 41, of Loretto, Marion Co, KY, is arrested
for extorting $5000 to protect marijuana growers.

84-86.  14 MI police officers indicted on drug charges in Flint, MI.

86.  Scott County, Tennessee, Sheriff Marion Carson & Deputy Wayne Caldwell are
charged by a Federal Grand jury with conspiracy & selling methaqualone,
marijuana, cocaine & diazapam.  Since 82, The Sheriff of Cocke Co, TN, Bobby
Stinson; The Sheriff of Roane Co, TN, Gillis Narramore; The Sheriff of Union
Co, TN, Paul Hill; and The Sheriff of Anderson Co, TN, Dennis O Trotter also
have been arrested for drug trafficking.

860909.  26 Sheriffs in GA & TN have been arrested & convicted for drug
trafficking according to Ryan Freemantle, author of The Fix

861113, Knoxville, TN.  9 cops arrested in the Charles Walker cocaine
trafficking ring.  Knoxville TV.

870322.  Richmond, KY, Kentucky State Police Crime Lab director Glen Morgan
Baxter is accused of falsifying hundreds of tests, including his own

870709.  US Attorney General Edwin Meese tries to prevent a House of
Representatives Committee from questioning three federal prosecutors in Miami,
FL, concerning CIA drug and gun smuggling.  A House subpoena is issued. CNN, AP

871130, Time, p29.  Mike "Mad Dog" Roark (so named for his fierce pursuit of
drug dealers while outfitted in combat fatigues and packing a pistol)
prosecutor and mayor of Charleston, WV, pleaded guilty to six counts of cocaine
possession.  Does this sound like any local officials you know?  See 880114.

880106, "As It Happens", CBC.  In "Miami Vice", a phone interview with Paul
Miller, Special Agent, FBI, he states that there were three or four rip-offs of
boatloads of cocaine by Miami Police from about May 85 to Summer 85.  In the
case where three drug smugglers were drowned, eight officers rushed the boat
and the victims threw themselves into the sea and drowned themselves.  The
investigation is probing a conspiracy to kill witnesses.  So far, nine have
pleaded guilty, four more are cooperating, two more are on trial, two more are
fugitives, and twenty more have been suspended from The Force.

890225.  Lexington, Fayette County, Kentucky, Sheriff Lonas Taulbee and five
others are indicted on cocaine trafficking charges.

901207, Lexington, KY.  Former Fayette County, Kentucky, Sheriff Lonas Taulbee
loses an appeal on conspiracy to traffic in cocaine.  His grounds were that
since he got caught before he was actually able to have the cocaine planted in
the car of his Chief Deputy, he obviously was not distributing cocaine.
Appeals on the charges of theft, misfeasance, and malfeasance for stealing from
his office also failed.

890810.  Judge Eddie Lovelace was suspended for 6 months for interference
with the Clinton County, KY, marijuana cultivation case against Clinton County
Court Clerk Lloyd Stockton.

890815.  WBKY, 12:35PM.  Edward O'Brien, DEA agent, was arrested at Logan
airport in Boston, Massachusetts, with 62 pounds of cocaine in his suitcase.
DEA Agent O'Brien is described as being "high ranking and decorated", as well
as a cocaine smuggler.  /Newsweek Aug 28, 1989.  Edward, Paul, and John
O'Brien, brothers, were all arrested.  This is the fourth DEA agent arrested on
drug charges this year.

900117.  Christian County, KY, Sheriff William Dillard & chief deputy & others
are arrested on a Federal indictment for cocaine distribution & accepting
bribes to protect cocaine distribution.

900517.  Vine Grove, Hardin Co, KY.  Police Chief Abshire pleads guilty to
cocaine possession.

900527.  Former Whitley County KY, Judge-Executive Archie Powers and Clifford
Silers plead not guilty to cultivating 849 marijuana plants in 2 plots in the
Daniel Boone National Forest.

900816.  In "Operation Walking Short", the FBI produces a 42 count indictment
of Kentucky law officers for conspiracy to extort and protect illegal drug
traffickers.  Arrested were: John Mann, Sheriff of Lee County, allegedly the
master-mind; Lester Dickerson, Sheriff of Wolfe County, Billy MacIntosh,
Sheriff of Owsley County; Dean Spencer, Sheriff of Breathitt County; Wilson
Stone, Deputy Sheriff of Wolfe County; and Omer Noe, Police Chief of

900822.  Danny Allan Murphy, former Lexington Kentucky Police Officer is
convicted on marijuana distribution and machine gun charges.  He is yet to
stand trial for murder.

901018, PBS Frontline, "When Cops Go Bad", WGBH, Boston, MA.  Discussed the
Miami, FL, case of organized gangs of Miami police stealing and selling
boatloads of cocaine.  In the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, $1.4
million was skimmed by the departmental drug squad.  Approximately 30
indictments were rendered, including Jim Bouden and Dan Garner.  This source of
revenue spread from the the Los Angeles Police Department to the Feds.  DEA
agents Daniel [Darrell?] Garcia, Wayne Countryman, and John Jackson liberated
150 kilograms of heroin and sent it to New York by FedEx for sale.  Two have
plead guilty, and the third is on trial.  50% of police corruption cases in the
US are drug related, according to the FBI.  32 DEA agents have been the target
of internal investigations this year, 54 Federal agents [does that include the
DEA agents?], 40 State Police, and 327 local policemen.  There are
approximately 17000 local police departments in the US.  In Sea Girt, NJ, pop
2500, 20 local people were arrested in a drug dealing ring.  These included 3
of the 12 police, Sgt Joseph Beaumont, Lt Robert Hindman, and Capt G
Calusleri.  School officials don't know how to explain to the children how
these cops could preach their drug speech while dealing at the same time.
There is a Justice Dept study of police corruption.

901029, WTHL.  The drug trafficking trial of DEA agents Daniel [Darrell?]
Garcia, Wayne Countryman, and John Jackson is scheduled for next month.
Witness Stewart testified on videotape that that for three years he sold drugs
supplied by these DEA agents, shared two million dollars in profits with them,
and took lavish vacations with their families.  Witness Stewart testified on
videotape because he was not expected to live long enough to testify in person.

910108~, St Regis, suburb of Louisville, KY, KET?  St Regis policeman Bersot is
accused of planting drugs & guns on David Trigley(sp?).  Trigley's crime was to
date the cop's ex-wife.  Captain Epperley deplored the accusation.

910213, Detroit, MI, NPR.  William Hart, the Police Chief of Detroit, MI, is
accused of embezzlement and tax fraud for diverting 2.5M$ from the Police
Department undercover narcotics fund to his own private businesses.  Chief Hart
is sentenced to suspension with pay.  The Mayor deplores this racist attack on
the Black community.  /Similar charges have previously been made in Sep 88 and
Dec 89.

910522, Detroit, MI, Paul Harvey.  10 cops and the niece of the mayor are
arrested in an Detroit, MI, FBI sting.  They thought that they were taking
payoffs from the real drug dealers.

910306, IN, KET.  Barbara Grier (or is it in Grier, IN?) is listed in serious
condition after the cops invaded her house to arrest her boyfriend.  They shot
the dog, but missed, hitting Grier in the stomach.

910530, Cleveland, OH, KNN.  30 police officials are caught in a FBI sting on
drugs and gambling.  This was reported by a Cleveland TV station, but no
officials will make any official statements.  MacNeil/Lehrer said that 47 cops
including 30 current police officers, 4 former officers, and 13 others provided
security services for illegal gambling and drug distribution, over two years.

910821, Gridley, IL, Paul Harvey News.  Judge Mark Dalton was found by Federal
Drug Agents to have a commercial marijuana garden in his back yard.

910924, Lexington, KY, KNN.  Gregory Drake Wahl, a Fayette County Sheriff's
Deputy, was arrested Monday for selling 1/4 pound of marijuana within 1000 feet
of a school.

911002, Clinton Co, KY, WMKZ, WKYM.  Following a two year undercover
investigation, the FBI arrested Anthony "Tony" Seratto( 39).  Seratto is an 14
year veteran of the Albany Police, and was charged with use of a firearm in a
drug offense, an well as drug conspiracy.

920509, Presidio Co, TX, Paul Harvey.  The former Presidio County, TX, Sheriff
is busted for cocaine trafficking.

920617, Florida, KNN.  Florida Sheriffs have been shaking down people for multi
millions of dollars under the guise of drug forfeiture.  The people were never
charged, but they never complained either.  The rat got out of the bag when a
woman was relieved of her Federal hurricane relief check.

920807, Nashville, TN, WKYU.  Circuit Court Judge Thomas Brothers is indicted
at Nashville, TN, for his part in laundering $1.3million in cocaine profits
into several corporations.  Also indicted are Russell Brothers, nephew of The
Judge, and G Thomas Newell, their attorney.

920825, Floyd Co, KY, KNN.  Floyd County, Kentucky, Deputy Sheriff Larry
Newsome (45) plea bargains guilty to one of five counts of drug trafficking.
He was charged with selling pills to an undercover agent.  This must have
happened a while ago, since a trial was scheduled for tomorrow.

920826, Louisville, KY, many including KNN, KET, WLKY, WAVE, WHAS.  Four law
officers are arrested on charges of violating the civil rights of Ricky Lee
Pardu by planting cocaine and a silenced pistol in his car.  Jefferson County
Deputy Sheriff Ron Pike was the mastermind of the operation.  Saint Regis
Police Captain Gary Epperly was the operations chief, and Saint Regis Policeman
James Goodman his assistant.  They were hired by Jefferson County Deputy
Sheriff George Tingley, who supplied the cocaine.  Pardu was arrested by
Epperly and Goodman on 1 Nov 90.  David Tingley, Charles Bookout, and John
Bursoe were also involved.  Epperly and Goodman were also questioned in the
murder of State Policeman Johnny Eddrington with his own gun in Laurel County,
but have not been charged.  Pardu was believed because he was an informant
passing information on activities of Special Security Services, an operation of
the officers located on the Rest Haven Cemetery property.

921113, Erlanger, KY, KNN & WSEK.  Inspector David Woods (42) of the Erlanger,
KY, (suburb of Cincinnati, OH) police was arrested for selling confiscated
drugs.  The East Kentucky Task Force of DEA, FBI, KSP, ETC, charged Inspector
Woods with drug trafficking and theft of government property after a five to
six month investigation.

921123, Whitesburg, Letcher Co, KY, WKYU, KNN.  Circuit Court Judge Larry
Collins was arrested on five bribery charges for taking $7,000 and some
marijuana in return for protection of James Braddock, a marijuana dealer.  This
came after a one year Grand Jury investigation.  When Judge Collins took over
his office in January 92, he immediately dismissed a Grand Jury which was
investigating corruption.

921212, Louisville, KY, KNN.  A drug sweep in Louisville, KY, catches 24 drug
dealers, including a Jefferson County Deputy Sheriff.  Deputy Gerald LaMotte
Gray was charged with two counts of marijuana trafficking.  Also paraquat has
just been declared safe and efficacious for use on homegrown marijuana.

921226, Russell Co, KY, WSEK.  Matthew Gene Roy, Russell Co KY Magistrate is
arrested in Lake Charles, LA, for marijuana trafficking in a "routine" traffic

930127, Miami, FL, WSFC (ABC?).  Three customs agents and an FBI agent are
charged with drug trafficking, bribery, and money laundering in Miami, FL.

930409, Lexington, KY, KET.  Former (fired in 1979 for insubordination after 8
years of service) Lexington Police Officer Bill Canan is arrested by Federal
Marshals on charges of drug trafficking, intimidation of a witness, use of a
fake DEA ID, and weapons charges.  Officer Canan allegedly bought 24 oz of
cocaine and then threatened to kill Robert Scott, his supplier turned Federal
Witness, if he squealed.  This is part of an investigation ongoing for 1«
years.  Police Chief Walsh vows that he is "finally gonna clean up the Good Ole
Boy Network" [his words].  See 850912.  This has reopened the Melanie Flynn

930416, Covington, KY, WSEK.  Undercover Narcotics Officer Randy Sebastian is
charged with perjury for lying to obtain a search warrant on Dr Patricia
Canfield.  Officer Sebastian resigned when confronted.

930825, New York City, Paul Harvey.  Calling themselves The Morgue Boys (their
meeting place was in an old morgue), 35 of New York City's Finest preyed on
drug dealers, robbing them of cocaine, guns and money.

931108, Evansville, IN, WKYU.  A trial starts today at Vanderburgh Circuit
Court for Richard Witlow (38), an Evansville, IN, narcotics agent.  Witlow is
charged with attempted bribery, attempted theft, and theft.  Witlow solicited
$100,000 to disappear evidence from Harris Roach, father of Tocio Roach, who
was convicted of cocaine trafficking along with his wife.  The FBI was present
at the cash pickup.  Witlow is also accused of stealing $6500, a semiautomatic
pistol, and a gold bracelet while searching the home of Edward Cooper.

931129, USN&WR, p37.  "At play in the fields of the spies".  A somewhat
confusing story about a CIA operation in Caracas.  CIA case officer Mark
McFarlin cooperated with Gen Ram¢n Guill‚n D vila, the head of the National
Guard antinarcotics unit.  Guill‚n told DEA & CIA officials in Nov 1991 that he
had cooperated with two "unauthorized" shipments of cocaine to the United

931228, NYC, NY, NPR.  Judge Milton Mullins Commission releases a preliminary
report on New York City Police corruption, drug trafficking, police brutality,
etc.  Judge Clean Hand decries the "Blue wall of silence".

940222, Beattyville, Lee Co, KY, WKYU, WSEK.  Lee County Sheriff Douglas
Brandenburg was indicted by a Federal Grand Jury last Friday on charges of
conspiracy to distribute hundreds of pounds of Mexican and domestic marijuana.
Their market was southeastern and eastern United States.  25 others were also
arrested, tho no names were given.  As of 22 Feb, Sheriff Brandenburg was being
held without bond.  The Federal investigation has been ongoing since Sheriff
Mann was caught.  See 940404.

940317, WV?, WSEK.  Over 70 criminals are having their cases reinvestigated
after eight years because a State Police Forensics "Expert" falsified the

940318, Middlesboro, KY, KNN, WKYU, WSEK.  Two Middlesboro, KY, city police and
another former policeman are among eight charged with drug trafficking.  This
is the result of a FBI sting called "Operation Broken Shield".  The
investigation started October 92.  Steeley Arlis Barnett and Garrett Russell
are the greedy cops.  Their business included OH, PA, and TN as well as
Kentucky.  940401, WSEK.  The FBI had wiretapped the home phone of Officer

940326, Dorchester, Boston, MA, CNN.  Hazaline Wiliams, a 75 year old retired
minister died under the attentions of 13 narcotics agents who raided his home.
Rev Williams was handcuffed and thrown to the floor.  This was considered
necessary, even tho he was a frail 75 year old.  After ransacking his apartment
and finding no drugs, it was noticed that the perpetrator had died choking on
his own vomit.  William's crime was to have his address confused with that of a
drug dealer fingered by a confidential informant.  The police have apologized
to his widow, but maintain that because their informant was right twice before,
they were within their rights.  They even said that this shows just how
dangerous drugs are to the community!

940411, Mt Vernon, KY, KNN.  It has been determined by a county jury that Gary
Shepherd forced the confrontation with GMTF, justifying his execution.

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